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Recently, I worked on optimizing a Store Procedure. Previously the SP took 24 seconds to execute for one single response. Now it takes only 0.01 second


We can use a user-defined table type to declare table-valued parameters for stored procedures, functions or in a batch. However, we cannot alter/modify the type once it is created. As per Microsoft

In the restriction section, it says: ‘The user-defined table type definition cannot be modified after it is created’.

But sometimes we need to modify or alter the user defined types.



Very recent in one of our project we came to a need to manage custom stored procedures in entity framework in a convenient way so that we do not manage them manually for any modification. Moreover, we wanted to reduce the deployment hassle. We were using the code first approach and our intention was to deploy them automatically using the entity framework Migration. Here are my findings after google search and study.

This article shows how to automate the process of transforming the configuration file like App.config, Web.config file when we deploy it to the different destination environments like Dev, Stg, Prod. Most applications have settings in the App.config or Web.config file that must be different when the application is deployed. Automating the process of making these changes saves us from having to do them manually every time we deploy, which would be tedious and error prone.

CiviCRM default installation comes with a Standard CKEditor toolbar. It does not have the advanced formatting plugins. Even there is no UI in CiviCRM to enable the advanced formatting toolbar. If we need the advanced formatting toolbar then we will have to do the followings:

We may need to search JIRA issues using keyword. We can do this using the search box at the right top of the screen under JIRA site. But to do that we have to load the JIRA site first. Then we will get the search result after submitting the search form. That means we are loading the site twice.


But we can do this easily using Firefox search bar. See the steps below how to do this:


CKEditor Source Formatting:

In many of our Drupal 7 projects, we use CKEditor as default text-editor for textarea field. CKeditor has many useful features. But one feature many of us do not know is that it has a built-in source formatting option. By default in most of our projects it is turned off. If turned of source view of CKEditor will look like this:



Sometimes we need to know the table structure information of a database. We need to know the information like columns name, data type, length etc. There are multiple options to find the information. Some of them are

sp_columns: You can execute sp_columns and get the columns information of the table.
Example: exec sp_columns ‘Table Name’

sp_help: You can execute sp_help and get the all the necessary information of the table.
Example: exec sp_help ‘Table Name’

You can download some free ebooks from here.


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