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Often we call console.write method from javascript method/function. It is working fine in most browsers. But some times it shows javascript bug (console is undefined).

Internet Exploere has no such console object(Latest version it is added but when IE Developer tool is open). In that time it will show javascript error and qa open bug.

A few days ago that type of problem raised in our development life cycle. The easiest way to solve the problem is

Just write the bellow code in any MasterPage(Base Page, common user control) etc. Just once need the code executed.

In my short time as a Drupal developer, one specific issue had caused me much grief and lost time to find workarounds, and judging from Google search results and stories heard from our more experienced members of Jaxara, I was not alone. The issue is none other then the almost pre-historic (in technology time atleast) version of jQuery used by Drupal 6 (1.2.6).

It is a little perplexing for me to post a Coldfusion knowledge on KB cause there is no team for CF....... :)

Any way.

When we send an HTML email we need to think about the fact that some mail clients will NOT support HTML, for example the squirrelmail of jaxara webmail - :)

For this reason we need to send an alternate message in plain text version, so that the browsers without the support for HTML version will atleast show the plain text version of the message.

The following is an example how to do it in Coldfusion 7:

After installing CiviCRM 4.0 with Drupal 7, I was looking for CiviCRM menu into Drupal top navigation menu. I got upset while CiviCRM menu was not found to the expected location. I have spent some more time to find the location of the CiviCRM home page menu and it seems they have changed menu location for Drupal 7. CiviCRM home page menu is appearing under Navigation menu.


You might have already noticed this issue while updating the views module. You know, views module added some configurable options. One of the additions is  ‘Do not rewrite if empty’ checkbox on fields’ configuration block. By default, this setting is checked.

Say, you had set an empty text for a field earlier. After views update ‘Do not rewrite if empty’ checkbox is added and checked by default. Hence, the field will not be rewritten to your ‘empty text’. That is, if the field is empty, the empty text will not be displayed. So, to make it working uncheck it and save.

Drupal: How to update drupal core

Recently, we have updated the Drupal core version for a development site. The previous veriosn was Drupal core version 6.19. We have replaced the version by latest Drupal core version 6.22

We followed the below steps for this purpose:

Step 1: Download the latest version of Drupal core and unzip it to any folder from where to upload.

Step 2: Take a backup of current codebase and database of the site.

Step 3: Make the site offline.

Here is a great book available as a PDF on Qualitative Research Methods:

There is some good general information on Qualtiative Research here:

In sometine, we need to import, process and upload CSV file in our application. To process the CSV file, we have to write lot of custom code. To reduce the custom code to process the CSV, there is a fantastic helper class named 'CSVHelper'. It maps the data to a list of your custom class based on field attribute provided the helper class.  

Here is a simple example.


We know there is a helper class in the MVC that provide us many functions and controls. But in some cases or our own manageability and  reusability component, we need to create our  own custom helper class. For example, we can create a custom helper class to add script or css files in a fantastic way that would be reusable and it make the view clean.  It is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

In one of the projects there was a requirement such that the view page of a specific content type's content will be redirected to a particular page.

For example:

Content type = test_content

When viewing a content of type test_content, user will be redirected to another page.

We used a custom module and have made a drupal redirect as shown below:


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