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The great thing about JQuery is the way it makes accessing elements of the DOM extremely easy. Keeping with that, JQuery has some really nifty expressions built into it that means it even easier. For instance:

jQuery provides some very powerful selection expressions using colon (:) syntax. Things like :first, :odd, and :even let you write code like: $('#content a:first') to get the first anchor within #content, or $('tr:odd') to get the odd numbered rows of a table.

All major browsers (even ie4+) now support the @font-face css property, which is great news for designers. Unfortunately there are still some kinks:

Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
            'phone': function () {
                var re = /^[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}[0-9]{3}[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}[0-9]{3}[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}[0-9]{4}[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}$/;
                return function (v) { return re.test(v); };
            }(), 'phoneText': 'The phone number format is wrong, ie: 123-456-7890 (dashes optional) Or (123) 456-7890',
            'fax': function () {
                var re = /^[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}[0-9]{3}[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}[0-9]{3}[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}[0-9]{4}[\(\)\.\- ]{0,}$/;

ExtJS doesn't have any native method to print content but we can do it easily in the following way -

Lets have a panel with some html content and a print button -

We tried hard to find out the machine/technical name of a User Group to use in the groups attribute to restrict user access to certain fields. Finally we got the solution.


  •  MongoDB is schema free document oriented database.
  • The basic unit of storage is JSON, Python dictionaries, Ruby hashes, etc.
  • MongoDB is a high performance NoSQL database that is significantly faster than mysql for reads and writes.


Druapl & MongoDB:


I'm sure we already have seen the following type of code in our titan project




We all know about Nuget Package Manger ( functionality. It has some nice features that help us to manage the third party dlls/ tool. Restoring Package feature is one of them. Though we are familiar with this feature, but our main goal is to be habituated with it.

In summary,


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