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I mentioned about an opensource js timer a long time ago to my seniors. But, did not get time to share it with you all (actually, it went off my mind :P). Anyway, I think we can use it in cases wherever we need periodic and/or delayed tasks.

Here is the link to that blog:


Currently Jaxara is going to start few complex projects that offers lot of challenges in designing the architecture of the system. In this regard, Jaxara architect team greatly lead by Jason Duffus – Senior Software Architect of Jaxara have decided to work with domain driven design for those projects. On this context, I conducted one training session on Domain Driven Design. Based on that, I published one article in code project. Here is the link:

Welcome all to my first post in this knowledgebase and its about JS.

We all are familiar with JavaScript. Almost all of us has used a little bit of javascript in life. But sometimes, one might feel that it would have been better if we could have our very own javascript library that we can use over multiple projects and increase the efficiency and reduce the time of development by reusing the component. Since I have already created a blog post about it, I am not posting it again. If you are interested you can check the post at - 

Inital Requrement: Need to update some data based on schedule basis.


Step 1:

First you need to install Drush on you server. You can get the installation on Windows Platform here.

Then you need to download and enable the following modules

1. Migrate 7.x-2.x-dev or 7.x-2.3-rc1 or Later - 7.x-2.2 will not work

I found a very good a slide(in pdf) presentation when cover all most all very important object oriented design principles which we should know in details. Though it is slide presentation so not all things cover in details but cover bullet point ofcourse. We need to explore in details from various sources. Mahmud vi share some very resources. If required then we need to search more. But make sure all the slide topics Iunderstand clearly. Donot hurry. Achieving design knowldege is a granule and time consuming process. Some principles are very close to each other.

For Drupal 7 you have to add a security string as specified in a Drupal 7 administration page.

Go to Administration › Reports › Status report and look for a string similar to the following example. Use the full string in the cPanel cron command box as the cron.php's url.

Recently, I have reviewed the attached pdf's to tune my understanding on SOLID and I found these great. You all may like to have a look into these.

Sometimes we do very ugly thing just because of missing simple tricks.
I believe all of the devs who work with sql use SELECT TOP command as they need. This is a very simple sql command.


Now, sometimes you need to use variable instead of constant number (say 10). If you write the query as

Unit test is the process by which we can make sure our code is working as our expectation. Actually most of the time we write unit test against frond-end code(ui level, business, dataaccess) and we are not very familiour that in respect of database level.


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