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In many scenarios we write triggers on database tables. Before writing a trigger we need to understand what trigger is and how exactly it works. Because, lack of clear knowledge on triggers can ake your life difficult. Trigger is actually a procedure that runs in response of an event fired due to performing some operations on database tables. The events could be insert, update or delete. Now, the question is how database handles the execution of a trigger when it fires?


Contented added from a mail conversion

We use dotnet framework TransactionScope object for manage/handle database Transaction.

Often we create instance of Transactionscope object like the followings

1) var scope = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Required, new TimeSpan(0, 0, 1, 0))


2) var scope = new TransactionScope()


Javascript is great. But some over intelligency cause also great problem to the developer.

Here I give some string to integer conversion result in JavaScript,

1.  parseInt("01")=>1

2.  parseInt("05")=>5

3.  parseInt("08")=>0

4.  parseInt("09")=>0


Here javascript is giving wrong result for 3 and 4.


Some times we need to submit a form multiple time with different data. To make the submission automated we can do that in Selenium RC easily.

At first capture the form submission by Selenium IDE and then edit this script in Selenium RC to accomplish the target. If you so much familiar with the target form then you can write the code directly in Selenium RC.

Ok, now i’m going to show this in my following example. I’ve used the .NET as client server for Selenium RC.

We will submit the Google search form 5 times with different keywords.

So far I know, it is quite tough to verify sorting order of elements in Selenium IDE (if anybody know a best way please let me know). My application had sorting order change feature and I could easily script in Selenium IDE by using dragAndDrop(). But problem was that I did not have knowledge on how to verify whether the sorting order was changed or not.

Here image-1 showing the deafult order (Here 'Conditon' is the top item):

Learning design patterns through reading theories is not practical all the time because, design patterns are not something to learn, you need to gear up your thinking process so that your design solves the design challanges in great way and ultimately, you will end up to use a design pattern. In this article, I have tried to show you how thinking in proper way can derive to a good design.

See the following screen. It is a part of my application. Anyway, you can see a list there with 4 columns (there could be even more). While I was testing it manually, I noticed it was crashing when I clicked 'last name, first name & organization. Similar listing with sort order options is vastly used in my project. So, what I did, I wrote selenium script.

CSS3 rules are very hard to remember. This articles is intended to familiarize you with an awesome online free helper tool that will make your life easier by checking you existing css and fixing all the css3 styling rules by adding proper browser prefixes. The tool is here:

Today, I have faced a problem with SOAP client constructor. I have used an invalid URL to check the SOAP Client constructor. It should return some exceptions or error response if the URL is invalid. But unfortunately it returned nothing. I did not get any handler or exceptions. Then I have found XDEBUG EXTENSION for PHP which really helps to generate some exceptions or SOAP fault responses.

Here is sample code of XDEBUG functions with SOAP:


Builder Pattern

Builder pattern belongs to Creational Patterns. This is nothing new. What i have done is just accumulated the information with an C# example.

When to use?

  • Is your object's construction process is too complex?
  • Is your object's representation is different with the same construction process?


Separate the construction process from it's representation so that same construction process can create different representation.


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