any comments guys? | 7 reasons to switch from Drupal to Yii - Eric Kennedy | 7 reasons to switch from Drupal to Yii - Eric Kennedy | Startup Lessons Learned from Startup CTO and Yale Computer Science Graduate Eric Kennedy

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Yes please! :-)
You cannot just compare Drupal with Yii. Drupal is a full-fledged CMS while Yii is just a framework. Yii like a blank slate with tools around and you have to write your own stuff while Drupal already provides bunch of texts and you can choose from those line to write up. Yii is perfect for customized application development while Drupal is worst for customized development. Whereas, Drupal is best for rapid generic site development while Yii fails to help on that situation. And when it comes to performance, coding frameworks like Yii performs lot better than application frameworks (or CMS) like Drupal. But development on Drupal is much faster and easier than those coding frameworks. Takes the pressure off.

And personally I prefer codeIgniter over Yii when it comes to choosing frameworks. Lots and lots of reasons behind that. The main reason is the strong community behind it. Others are nice documentation, easy coding environment and thousands of contributed libraries. :-)

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Agree 100%. BTW the article does say that Drupal is get if you want to get a CMS based system deployed quickly which doesn't require much modification. And also if you do not need to deal with too much optimization. And to chose a framework there are a lot of them and Codeigniter is one of the best. So, the main point is what are the points we should consider about chosing CMS route or Framework route and what are limit of those points.

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We can make a full chart (more like a checklist) of the features, options and capabilities and according to that list we can give points to a project before we start to see which way it's leaned on. And go to that route. Some question might be asked, like:
- how long the project will go?
- how large the codebase will be?
- is it a custom app?
- article based or fancy advanced javascript heavy site?
- how many visitors need to be handled?
- need it be speedy?
- how much database interaction?
- how many I/O operations?
- php4 or php5 strict?
- MVC needed or not?
etc.. There are lot more questions to ask. And based on the points given we can easily decide which route is to be taken.

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