Friends, Romans, Countrymen, CodeSchool is free for next 48 hours, you should defiantly join and see it yourself how innovative their learning process really is, I was blown away when I first encountered it few years back.

Follow this link for free pass: | Hall Pass - Code School | Hall Pass - Code School | Run free in the halls of Code School with this special offer we made just for you. Your hall pass gives you access to all of our courses and resources for the next 48 hours. Activate your hall pass and start learning now!

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Btw they also provide an achievement page, here is mine:

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too many people logged in and the site is down right now... ooops i was in the middle of a course

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looks ok now. btw, thanks Amit vai for sharing.

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here's mine

I've lesson videos (of all courses i've completed) downloaded at home. please knock me if anyone need those.

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