Recently, we have updated all drupal sites. An inherent bug came with the Ctools version update.

The Ctools version 1.10 displays an error as shown in the screenshot below:

Finding no alternative to resolve this issue, we simply turned the Error reporting setting to write errors to log only smiley


"This bug is likely caused by pcre 8.30+, most Linuxes still use older versions, but FreeBSD has 8.30_1 currently. But this version of pcre will be on Linux soon - it's developed on FreeBSD.

It breaks core search too in D6/7.

Ctools has it because it has code in that is copied from includes/ (D7 core) or modules/search/search.module in D6. "

---- cited from



  • Go to your Ctools > includes folder
  • Edit the file
  • Replace the line







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