Drupal: How to update drupal core

Recently, we have updated the Drupal core version for a development site. The previous veriosn was Drupal core version 6.19. We have replaced the version by latest Drupal core version 6.22

We followed the below steps for this purpose:

Step 1: Download the latest version of Drupal core and unzip it to any folder from where to upload.

Step 2: Take a backup of current codebase and database of the site.

Step 3: Make the site offline.

Step 4: Dont browse any page after site offline as administrator.

Step 5: Delete all the folders except sites folder and upload the new folders except the sites folder.

Step 6: At webroot folder copy and replace all the files (not folders) from the main folder of new Drupal core except the .htaccess and robot.txt files as well as keep the other files of the old site unchanged.

Step 7: Run the http://www.yoursite.com/update.php and follow the instructions.

Step 8: Run CRON job.

Step 9: Flush all caches.

Step 10: Check the status report.

Step 11: Browse the site as Admin and check every thing is ok or not.

Step 12: If every thing is fine, please make site online.

Note: these steps are applicable for Drupal core version 6.x only, not for Drupal core version 7.x 

@admin: please enable the file/image upload option so that we can put some screen-shots which might help :)


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