This is a common error we are getting in Drupal. You will not find any error message into apache error log. Most of the time, the error occur due to Database error. If your database logging is enabled before than you can see the error message from 'Recent log messages' link on Reports (or try this path: /admin/reports/dblog). 

To view the log message you have to login to your site using admin login. If you are not already logged in as an Admin user, this error will not allow you to login to the site. 

Following way you can see the error message without login to the site. 

  1. Open index.php file from root directory 
  2. Add TRY Catch block into index.php file
  3. You can see the error into the page 

try {  
define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());
DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/';
} catch (
Exception $e) {
'Caught exception: '$e->getMessage(), "\n";

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