Step 1:

First you need to install Drush on you server. You can get the installation on Windows Platform here.

Then you need to download and enable the following modules

1. Migrate 7.x-2.x-dev or 7.x-2.3-rc1 or Later - 7.x-2.2 will not work

2. Wordpress Migrate

3. Features (features) Required by examples in the migrate modules. (Optional)

4. Migrate Extras (migrate_extras) If you have Pathauto enabled. (Optional)

If you have downloaded and installed the all necessary modules then you can proceed.

Step 2:

Create a taxonomy vocabulary for your Wordpress categories, or use an existing one. You'll need this before you create a content type for your import.

Then create a basic content type with title, body, and term reference fields. Set the term reference field to whatever taxonmy vocabulary you want to use for the Wordpress categories.

Creating a taxonomy vocabulary and a content type could be skipped if you wish to import into an existing content type or vocabulary. Then you need to configure the Wordpress Migrate Module.

Configure Wordpress Migrate at admin/content/wordpress/configure. Make sure to configure the drush path. This is where you tell Wordpress Migrate what Content Type and Taxonomy Vocabulary to import into. You also can set what text format to use.

Now you are ready to import your wordpress bolg content. Let do the rest.

Step 3: Final Step!!

Go to your Wordpress site and export it into a WXR file. Alternatively, you can give Wordpress Migrate your site's url, username, and password.

Go to admin/content/wordpress. You can find it via the main Content view as well as using the url. Use the upload file field to upload and import your WXR file.

This can take a while, it uses Drush in the background to finish the import process. If you have a large site to import, then it may take some more time but you will get an email telling you when it's done.

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