Interesting, business experts and manager are going to develop applications:

So we devs are out out business :-) ? | Microsoft Project Siena (Beta) (Channel 9) | Microsoft Project Siena (Beta) (Channel 9) | Microsoft Project Siena (code name) is the beta release of a new technology for business experts, business analysts, consultants and other app imagineers. It allows you to create powerful, interactive

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after saw the video feeling like our(developer) job at risk :( We all need to tell Microsoft, not to release Project Siena.

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My last line in the above post was a sarcasm.

Don't underestimate the devs, we will always be needed, no tool can be intelligent enough than a human brain.

Generating application from model/case tools/data source for managers, analysts (the suites) is nothing new. First heard from object management group (the people behind the UML) they called it MDA(Model Driven Architecture) where the whole app is generated from the UML diagrams, but it never saw the daylight.

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