jQuery 2.0 will drop support for IE 6/7/8. Good decision indeed. :)jQuery Blog » jQuery Core: Version 1.9 and Beyond
jQuery Blog » jQuery Core: Version 1.9 and Beyond
As the last blog post discussed, jQuery version 1.8 is undergoing a spring cleaning to remove insecure, inefficient, ineffective, and inadvisable features. We’ve also begun the work to allow you to build custom versions that exclude parts of the library for even greater savings. Those efforts will m...

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Good decision but may not be good news for us :)

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yeah. let's hope Microsoft drops IE 6/7/8 before jQuery 2.0 comes out. :)

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Microsoft might drop IE 6/7...but IE8 drop korte onek deri ase...Windows 7 er sathe by default IE 8 ashe...

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