MS Dynamics CRM 2011 Server Migration from Glenstone Production to Panth DEV Server:

Last day was a very hard day for myself and Md. Abdullah Al Mamun We both are assigned to migrate Glenstone Production CRM 2011 Server to our Dev environment

The most challenge tasks was:
1. Setup Dynamics Server with Active directory
2. Migration Glenstone CRM to panth Server CRM
3. Users (Active Directory) Migration to panth server AD

After we successfully installed CRM 2001 with AD, we both started to analysis how we can migrate glenstone AD users to our local CRM 2011 AD server.
We found ADMT(Active Directory Migration Tool)

but ADMT has few limitations:
1. Depend on MS SQL Server 2005 or more
2. Both AD needs to in trusted domain

We were not goes with the ADMT because we don't have permission over glenstone AD server.

So how do we succeed?
1. Back of Glenstone CRM database
2. We restored this database to our local CRM DB with as different database than default CRM database.
3. Start importing Organization of Glenstone CRM existing organization to our local CRM Server using "CRM Deployment Manager"

But at one stage when deployment manager thrown error "You must map your Active Directory user account to at least one enabled Microsoft Dynamics CRM user who has the System Administrator role before the organization can be imported"

So I goes to the Glenstone CRM database and found out that the default CRM administrator does have the permission as CRM administrator in CRM. it was also disabled.

you will find the information on based the following table:
1. systemUserBase (for SystemUserID and other information i.e. domain name,)
2. SystemUserRoles for the user role.

after setting the administrator role to admin user. it was successfully imported.

So, we succeed.

1. CRM user role at least one has system administrator role.

2. SQL database version;lenstone DB case MS SQL Server R2 with SP2
SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion'), SERVERPROPERTY('productlevel'), SERVERPROPERTY('edition')

3. All the Roll Up 1-12

4. Active Directory
5. Organization Unit of AD

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