NAnt is a free .NET build tool, but it is enough handy to accomplish our intricate job once we able to put it in place. The configuration options are enormous and I am sure you will get a way of your new job accomplished. This is because we have been doing a lot of manual work every time while we deploy this particular project, but finally we have come accross a solution of a large build management work. This is implemented for one of our projects as well. The following major jobs have been achieved with NAnt tool which will not only give you a sense of how you adopt this amazing tool into you build process but it will also help to get a particular job done.


  1. The process takes SVN update two codebases from different locations with a single build management process.
  2. Build one solution seperately and store the build files to a seperate location.
  3. Find an syntax in these build files and replace with another syntax.
  4. Move some files from these build files to a different folders of second codebase.
  5. Build the sencond codebase with the newly copied files.
  6. Delete some files which are not needed to deploy to web sever.
  7. Deploy the build files to web server.
  8. Run SQL script files.
  9. Finally, run unit testing process.


After all, this tool obviously contributes a lot to our development and brings up a smooth development process.

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