Here I want to share few issues in my short experience. It may be known to you all. You all know that there is a great future to export a panel variant and import it in another site in the Drupal. You can’t export/import entire panel at a time but you can export/import variant one by one in the panel. It is very useful feature when you design a large panel. Don't take pain and concern to redesign the whole panel again. Export/import may generate some unwanted issues that lead a bad experience unless you don’t keep in mind the following points.

  1. Enable/Disable: When you export/import a variant for a new panel, then what do you do? Normally, at first you export the variant from the development site and create a new panel in target site with a default variant and delete the default variant. Afterword you import your variant. When you delete the default variant and there is no variant in the panel, then by default the entire panel becomes disabled and then you will not get the panel page in the site. If you don’t keep in mind it, then it may kill your time or you team member’s time. So when your panel page does not come to your site then please check whether you entire panel is enabled.
  2. CKEditor: When you export a variant then you should exclude the ckeditor from your panel variant to avoid additional html generated by ckeditor. Otherwise import will be failed. Don’t blame to drupal.
  3. Variant elements: You should check whether all the variant elements like blocks, views etc that are used in the panel variant are available in the target site, otherwise you need to modify the variant again in the target site that may be time consuming.


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Thanks Khairul bhai. Nice share.
However, Some screenshots would increase the readability of the article for the newbies.

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