As a today’s Software development Domain Driven Design(DDD) is so much popular development methodology then others. It handles Software complexity

so smartly and efficiently. It is recommended to use this methodology for  big and complex software project development specially which are develop iterative

way. In our opus project it is partially implemented by refactoring process. In our opus data access layer it is implemented. Hope in

future it will implement in Business layer and common layer(infrastructure layer) as well.

So if every developer can properly understand/clear his/her concept of this methodology then it will be easy for him/her to work with these projects efficiently and eliminate

Some problems which we face often like

·         Where we put our new business/data access logic/method

·         When declare Domain Model/ Value object.(Means which will be domain model which

          will be Value object.

·         To properly identify domain model we can easily declare domain service and repository.

·         How to handle parent child relationship/complex type.

·         And many more.

I have read some books for this topic. But I found one excellent book for this methodology.

That is

                Domain Driven Design Step by Step Guide

                Casey Charlton 2009 (


And it is free of cost. The specialty is this book is explain this methodology in a very simple and understandable way. I was very excited to read this book and feel that it

need to share with all of guys and request everybody to read this.

I downloaded this books and its location is:          

\\jaxaraserver\Public_Folder\Habib\Books\DomainDrivenDesign\ Domain_Driven_Design_-_Step_by_Step.pdf

Another Book (Bible of Domain Driven Design)

 \\jaxaraserver\Public_Folder\Habib\Books\DomainDrivenDesign\ DomainDrivenDesingEricEvan.chm


One Video Tutorial(Local Language):

\\jaxaraserver\Training\OOP\Think Again Before You Start Coding\DDD.mp4


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