Recently I am setting up and configure the app store for the SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 introduced a new feature called Apps. Apps are self-contained pieces of functionality that extends the capabilities of a SharePoint website.
Apps will be executed outside the SharePoint Server, and in the Client machine or in the Cloud. This makes Apps makes easier installation& cleanup. Sandboxed Solutions are deprecated and new custom solutions should be provided through Apps.

For configuring App Store we have to follow the following steps:
1. Need to setup the App store DNS
- You must configure a new name in Domain Name Services (DNS) to host the apps. To help improve security, the domain name should not be a subdomain of the domain that hosts the SharePoint sites.

2. SSL certificate COnfiguration
- you can buy and new certificates or you can generate self signed certificates
3. Configure the Subscription Settings and App Management service applications
4. Configure the app URLs to use
5. We have to configure Alternative Access Mapping

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