Recently I worked in a titan based project. Depending on the issues I found, I tried to prepare the following checklist. This checklist specifies some generic issues that may occur in this innocent looking create form. Some of these issues are so trivial that we may take those for granted. But these issues do exist. Merely depending on a checklist is never a good idea, however, having one can prove to be a valuable aid in our testing. Moreover, this will help developers to BAT their fixes.

Please comment if any of the points is confusing to you. Your comments / advices / criticisms will be highly appreciated.

1. User Interface matches actual design.
2. Does not break in smaller window.
3. Appears properly in all browsers.
4. Spelling is OK.
5. Alignments are OK.
6. Fields are consistent with spec.
7. Tab sequence is OK.
8. User is able to select option from a dropdown using arrow keys.
9. Max length validation is properly applied.
10. Special characters are being handled properly.
11. Script tags are being handled properly.
12. All validations are applied as per spec.
13. System handles the situation properly when field validation and page submit events fire at the same time.
14. Validation messages appear properly (alignment, font, wordings, spelling, grammar etc).
15. Only authentic users access the page.
16. If it’s a public page then anonymous users can access the page.
17. If there are some validations that apply after page is submitted then data as given should remain consistent after page submission.
18. Action buttons (e.g., Save and Cancel) are available as per spec.
19. Orientation, color, caption, icon of action buttons are consistent with site design.
20. Cancel button works as expected (redirect to proper page) in all state (e.g., before validation error is shown, after validation error is shown etc.).
21. Data gets saved as given.
22. Confirmation messages (e.g., operation successful message) are shows properly (alignment, font, wordings, spelling, grammar etc).
23. Once data is saved, page redirects to proper page.
24. Multiple click on save does not create inconsistent data (System disallows multiple clicks).
25. Save executes in tolerable time duration under moderate to extreme load.
26. Does not cause any memory leak.
27. Breadcrumb shows the right navigation.
28. Link in breadcrumb leads to proper page.
29. Default values/watermark appears as expected.
30. Required validation asterisks are shown properly in all browsers. | | <img src='' > |

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