We may need to search JIRA issues using keyword. We can do this using the search box at the right top of the screen under JIRA site. But to do that we have to load the JIRA site first. Then we will get the search result after submitting the search form. That means we are loading the site twice.


But we can do this easily using Firefox search bar. See the steps below how to do this:


- Visit JIRA first. Panth JIRA URL: https://pantheon.atlassian.net

- Click on the search icon under Firefox search box. See the screenshot below. (For Panth JIRA site you must be logged in to see the search icon.)

- Click on Add "......." link from dropdown to add JIRA search engine to the Firefox search engine list.


- You will see JIRA as a Search Engine under the dropdown.


- Then type a keyword.

- Click on the JIRA Search Engine icon under the dropdown.


- Thats all. You will see the search results directly.


Similarly you can add the Search Engine for CiviCRM issue tracker as well to search CiviCRM issues.

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