For visual studio plug in

a) Install and Select ANKHSVN from Visual Studio tools->option->source safe

1. Download & Setup SVN (Latest Version

a) Setup SVN as Service Service (cmd.exe)

-> sc create svn binpath= "\"C:\program files\Subversion\bin\svnserve.exe\" --service -r C:\svn" displayname= "Subversion Server" depend= Tcpip start= auto

N/B: Be carefull about path.

b) Start this service manually from control panel administrative service.

*** Changes start-up type manually to automatic

c) Create Repository using cmd

->svnadmin create c:\svn\lcmanagement

d) Change in config\svnserve.conf file

i) Uncomment and delete extrat trailing space

anon-access = read

auth-access = write

password-db =passwd

e) Open config\password

i) add user crediential as format username = password

2. Download & Install TortoisSVN (Latest Version

a) Import project into svn repository

i) Right click project folder


b) SVN Checkout Project

-Right click where you want to check out

- URL Repository

-> svn://(servername)/(NameOfRepository)/ProjectSource/trunk

Have Fun Guys!!!.

Error and Exception: 

1) Problem: svnserve.conf:12: Option expected; will through if 1.d) not done carefully.

Cause : Any Extra Trailing space in config\svnserve.conf file

Solution: Follow section 1.d) carefully.

2) Problem: Expected FS format between '1' and '3'; found format '4'

Cause: Which Subverson tool did you use to create the repository? TortoiseSVN? Your TortoiseSVN may be newer, a 1.6.x release, then your 1.5 command line client 

and svnserve, so svnserve 1.5.x cannot serve a 1.6.x repository.

Solution: Create Repository with svn as section 1. c)

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