Apache Solr Search

In one of our recent project we have needed Faceted Search Block by taxonomy vacabulary in search result page. This might have been straight forward but it was not due to some reason. It was my first time working on Faceted block and I am now discussing my findings here.

The requirement was:

We have some taxonomy vocabulary(Figure 1). We need to create 4 faceted block and place right sidebar of search result page. This requirement was not in the specification. We get this in our Feedback phase.

I think we need some sort of customization of Apache Solr  search result in most of our drupal projects.  For simple customization, we can do theming but if we need more complex customization where we need more custom code and need to implement complex busines logic, we can use Views to customizaiton the search result. It is very simple, just call you views from hook_apachesolr_process_results and reset the apache solr search generated output item. Please see an expamle below.

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