In one of our recent project I have used CiViCRM with Drupal. I have to build a CRM profile edit page inside Drupal. In past we had created similar functionality in one another project but that was implemented by direct CiViCRM database read/write operation. But in this project I've implement this using the CiViCRM API. I faced some problem and it was taking much time to figure out the right way to do this in some case. So I'm sharing this experience with all hoping that it may save some time if in case you need the same functionality.


To run a CiviCRM scheduled job using drupal cron we can follow the following steps:

After installing CiviCRM 4.0 with Drupal 7, I was looking for CiviCRM menu into Drupal top navigation menu. I got upset while CiviCRM menu was not found to the expected location. I have spent some more time to find the location of the CiviCRM home page menu and it seems they have changed menu location for Drupal 7. CiviCRM home page menu is appearing under Navigation menu.


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