All major browsers (even ie4+) now support the @font-face css property, which is great news for designers. Unfortunately there are still some kinks:

We have quite a number of projects with responsive layout implemented on. It is necessary to check that behavior on various type of devices and screen sizes. There is a Firefox plugin named Web Developer Toolbar which can help you on this. If you dont have this plugin already, go for it right now.

Sometimes for a short-content page the footer climbs up and leaves a blank space at the bottom of the page. This looks ugly when content becomes small in height. But, as the name depicts itself, footer should be at the foot/bottom of the page. This post will help you tune the page and css to make the footer stick to the bottom regardless of content height. Not to mention, the footer will go down like normal when content exceeds the view-port height. The solution is to force the footer down to the bottom of the page for smaller contents.

To achieve cross-browser custom font implementation by only CSS please follow the following steps:

Sometimes we use some css hack like:

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