Today, I have faced a problem with SOAP client constructor. I have used an invalid URL to check the SOAP Client constructor. It should return some exceptions or error response if the URL is invalid. But unfortunately it returned nothing. I did not get any handler or exceptions. Then I have found XDEBUG EXTENSION for PHP which really helps to generate some exceptions or SOAP fault responses.

Here is sample code of XDEBUG functions with SOAP:


Already we have developed a number of web based applications and most of them are Drupal oriented. Though we have a enormous support of rich contributed modules to satisfy different business logics but often we need to build custom modules to fulfill the whole process flow.

During these custom modules development, we need to consider the following code practices which might help to reduce the vulnerable situations:

In my short time as a Drupal developer, one specific issue had caused me much grief and lost time to find workarounds, and judging from Google search results and stories heard from our more experienced members of Jaxara, I was not alone. The issue is none other then the almost pre-historic (in technology time atleast) version of jQuery used by Drupal 6 (1.2.6).

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