traits, built in cli server, improved destructor, callable type hint and what not!

by the way, geeks are saying that php should have used 'uses' instead of 'use' for traits like other keywords 'extends' (for inheritance) and 'implements' (for interface) ... what do you say? | PHP 5.4 is Here! What You Must Know | Nettuts+ | PHP 5.4 is Here! What You Must Know | Nettuts+ | PHP 5.4 is here; the next major step forward since version 5.3 - keeping PHP 6 (full Unicode support) on hold for now. The latest enhancements significantly

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uses could have been more appropriate from grammatical sense too.

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When I communicate with other developers I prefer to use extends, implements words instead of inheritance, implementations word.I feel much comfortable with these word. I think it is personal choose. Like what you use for bug. Some one use Bug some one defect. Meaning is same.

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traits are good for re-usability. but, i heard it's going to support multiple inheritance? is that true? personally, i think that will make design harder.

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