we need to support several different video file types in AF. we haven't found any suitable video player for web in this regard. jwplayer doesn't have support for .avi, .mpeg, as those files are not flash compatible. After some digging we found VLC player, though we need to have the video player plugin installed into our browser. This is common for others also. It's a gr8 tool to look at: http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation%3aWebPlugin#Input_objectInput object - Documentation:WebPlugin - VideoLAN Wiki
Input object - Documentation:WebPlugin - VideoLAN Wiki
Some problems may happen (option like color or text will not be applied) because of the VLC asynchronous functioning. To avoid it, after enabling marquee, you have to wait a little time before changing an option. But it should be fixed by the new vout implementation.

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The normal approach to tackle this scenario is to convert the files to a generic format like flv/mp4 which any flash based plugin recognizes. So, after the upload is done the backend script can send the uploaded file to a converter library like FFMPEG to convert it into flv/mp4. The benefit is two-fold. Firstly the output flv/mp4 will be lesser in filesize, hence increasing the buffer speed at load time and secondly, the format is universally accepted. Then you can use a powerful flash based player like "flowplayer". The best option would be to convert it into mp4 and then utilize the power of html5 video tags with a fallback option for flash. Have a look into the options of flowplayer:

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thanks for the feedback... actually, we were searching for a player that supports all of our requested files for the project. FFMPEG obviously a very nice tool. but our first objective was not to convert videos to a specific format. coz it has some performance issue of converting large number of video files. So, we search for a player that supports them. But thanks for reply. Anyway, you might be interested in http://www.videojs.com/.

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